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Loy Krathong Festival at the Ban Sabai Village Resort and Spa in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Events & Festivals in Chianng Mai

12-08-2014 - HM The Queen’s Birthday

HM The Queen’s Birthday
This national holiday celebrates the birthday of Her Majesty, Sirikit, The Queen of Thailand. Highly revered in Thailand, Queen Sirikit's birthday is celebrated with man festivities and the day is now referred to as Thailand's Mothers Day.

20-08-2014 - Pra Aupakut Merit Making

Pra Aupakut Merit Making
An unusual festival, Pra Aupakut Marit Making is a regional festival unique to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Every year, at Midnight of the Wednesday after/on the 15th of August, monks in Chiang Mai take to the street for alms collection. A unique sight and experience for every visitor to Chiang Mai.


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